An Interview with Claudia Noon

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Tuesday 7th August 2018

Claudia Noon started her working life working Saturdays with one of the world’s leading fragrance brands when she was 16 and from there on the obsession with fragrance grew.  After graduating from University in London she went on to pursue a career in the beauty, health and wellbeing sector.  She launched Club 22 London in November 2017 with a collection of 7 different fragranced candles, taking inspiration from all over the world.

Claudia lives with her partner in London and am always on the hunt for new fragrance ideas, tastes and concepts!


Tell us how Club 22 London came about?

I’ve always been obsessed with fragrance, I’m a self-confessed candle addict and I’ve pretty much tested every candle on the market! Having spent many years working in the beauty and fragrance industry I realised it was becoming harder and harder to find gorgeous candles without having to pay a small fortune for them. So, I set out on a mission to create a product which was very high quality, but still affordable. I was also becoming so bored with the standard plain glass ‘fresh linen’ candle that every brand seems to churn out. I wanted to create a brand that was chic, but a little quirky and full of fun , so we made a bespoke rose gold colour and named them fabulously.


You’re clearly very passionate about your brand.  Who are Club 22 London’s customers?

The typical Club 22 London customer is someone who likes to indulge in a little luxury now and again! Our customers are definitely not shy, they are go-getting, wonderful people who share our passion for delicious fragrance and don’t take life too seriously! The beauty about our range is that there is something for everyone, so we get customers of all different ages and from many different countries too.


What was the process you went through to determine the scents for each candle? And did you have names decided beforehand or did they come after the fragrance?

I took inspiration for our scent range from all over the world. To me fragrance is a reminder of people, places and fond memories, so each one of our 7 fragrances has a secret little place in my heart. The scent is the most important thing for me, so I would often start with an image in my mind and try to create something really magical that took me to that place. I really think it’s the process of creation that leads you to a particular name, so the name always came after I had been through that journey.


You have a great social media presence, do you think it’s important that people connect you to your brand?

I think it’s important that there is a human element to any brand. Sometimes I think brands on social media can get a little robotic and then you start to question if its genuine.  We aim to speak to real people who have real wants and needs when it comes to fragrance. I find putting a face behind the brand really encourages people to interact and ask questions which I love.


You’ve mentioned on your instagram stories about scent layering with candles.  Is this a new concept? Can you explain it to us?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a new concept but it’s just something a lot of people have never really thought to do. As with fashion, make up or accessorising, people tend to stick with one particular style or look for a long time, they like what they know- and it’s the same with fragrance. But experimenting and adding to what you already like can lead to something even better! My new fav is mixing Vibe with Groove on a Sunday around 7pm. It’s the perfect combo - it makes my bathroom smell like an expensive spa, which I just love for my sacred Sunday pamper hour. My advice is just to try a few candle combos out, and what’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like the combination just go back to lighting them separately or mix with another scent! That’s the beauty about it, fragrance is so versatile, it’s not permanent so don’t be scared to mix things up a little!


Club 22 London currently only makes candles.  Do you have plans to diversify in the future to offer diffusers or other products?

Yes, we have many plans on the horizon for new products! The most important thing for us is that the quality of the fragrance is good, and the product looks great. I will never rush a launch to fall in line with certain trends or seasons. I like our products to be unique and make our customers feel special, so we really concentrate  the finer minute details and this could take months and months, but it’s worth it!


What makes Omnibus Home a perfect partner for Club 22 London’s introduction to Northern Ireland?

Where to begin! Omnibus Home has such a magnificent collection of art, home accessories, furniture, cushions, throws…. the list is endless. You can tell that such care and attention has gone into curating the product ranges and creating such an opulent ambience in store. Omnibus really sits in line with our values as a brand and has a certain element of exclusivity and flare which cannot be ignored! Situated in the heart of Belfast's exclusive Lisburn Road, it is a real shopping destination, so Omnibus was on the very top of our launch list. We are so excited to now be stocked in Northern Ireland and so happy to be partnered with such a fabulous store!



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