Beautiful Artificial Flowers by Cote Noire.

Date published

Monday 17th September 2018


Cote Noire

It’s not only the diffusers that can fragrance your home. For a subtle burst of freshness, the artificial roses, orchids and amaryllis’ to name a few can be sprayed with Cote Noire scents. 


Cote Noire 

Handmade in the brand’s French workshop, each flower is beautifully realistic and they make a hassle-free, long-lasting alternative to real flowers.


Cote Noire 

The designers of these impressive flowers explore the world tirelessly, making this work unique, sensational and full of life. The design-architects and scenographers express their ideas in the form of intimate and personal collections inspired by nature and the world.

Do you often use fresh flowers in your home? Would you consider replacing them with artificial ones? 


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