Journey to Opening

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Tuesday 13th March 2018

Journey to Opening

Friday 9th March 2018 saw us open our doors at our new store, 613 Lisburn Road, Belfast; a little later than expected thanks to the efforts of Storm Emma and the ‘Beast from the East’. But with the support of our friends and family we got here in the end!

We are so excited to finally have all of our homewares, designer pieces and art on display in our first ever store. With favourites from both Tom’s Drag classic and silver line collections, as well as the stunning new ‘majestic’ mirror in our window, we cannot wait to see what you think of this exclusive brand now available in Belfast. Each piece is hand finished, with quirky finishes such as eyelashes and gold and silver feet Tom’s Drag Is sure to make an impression!


We also have the fantastic luxury of Kristjana S Williams velvet cushions in an array of designs. Each one Is double sided and finished in a beautiful matte velvet. Alongside these we have Kristjana’s stunning limited edition prints, handmade world and London globes, and a selection of her finest wall coverings.



For the afternoon tea lovers amongst us, we have the beautifully crafted Sara Miller collaboration with Portmeirion. From cake plates and pastry forks to teacups, placemats and trays we have everything for personal treats or that gift for a special person. The presentation boxes for Sara’s collections are themselves art.




One of our favourite aspects of our new store Is how wonderfully scented it is due to our home fragrance collections. From Ashleigh & Burwood’s Wild Things and their tropical mix of scents to the floral bouquets of Côte Noire’s flower diffusers. Ashleigh & Burwood come in stunning designer lidded jars perfect for use after the candle or diffuser has reached its end. Our amazing Stoneglow Luna range of candles and diffusers channel fragrances of leather, saffron, sandalwood and patchouli; decadently packaged, again these are perfect gifts!




And finally in our home fragrance collections we have jar candles and flower diffusers from Côte Noire. In fragrances including prosecco, and French morning tea these large jar candles will provide over 100 hours of flavoured fragrance, a perfect accompaniment to any home or office. The signature flower diffusers come in a range of sizes, flowers and displays Including gardenias, roses, summer flowers and lilies. Their scent is exquisite with packaging becoming of any fine wedding gift. A truly stunning addition to our store.



So with this small insight Into our store and some of our brand and designers, we will say thank you for persevering with us on this journey so far.

And as Conrad Manning so eloquently said “ writing in ink is simply the next best thing to calling/meeting someone” - so until next time xx




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