Spotlight on Miriam Smithers

Date published

Monday 18th June 2018

Miriam is a Dublin born Contemporary oil painter. She takes inspiration for her work from looking at the human form and how we as people interact with each other, taking photographs of unstaged gestures and using these photos as reference for her work. How we see people visually, their posture, emotion, how we engage with each other or not as the case may be. The tangle of human relationships in every day life. People caught in the rain, shopping, embracing. A shock of bold colour is introduced to lend life to the humans as the brush and palette knife work in harmony through the sepia, misty palette creating the scene and leaving the viewer to continue their own story.




Having met Miriam only a few weeks ago in Dublin, we are beyond excited to bring her talents to Northern Ireland, and showcase her immense talent.  Her work literally made us stop in our tracks; we were drawn in.  There is a calm in her paintings that creates a mood, with each piece uniquely named which adds to the story Miriam is telling with each painting.  




















Miriam's work is on show and available to purchase exclusively in our store on the Lisburn Road.  With 8 stunning original works come and enjoy your first experience of the immensely talented Miriam Smithers xx 

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