Tom's Drag Baroque Candlestick S

Tom's Drag Baroque Candlestick S


47cm As Tom’s Drag pieces are all hand finished please allow 2-4 weeks for larger items.



CANDLESTICK S – TOM’S DRAG – This is a very elegant single candlestick from the very famous Tom’s Drag Company which stands at an imposing 47cms tall.  It is styled with a classic design until you reach the candlestick’s feet which are encased in four golden high heeled boots which are covered in spats.  The spats are decorated in the omnipresent black and white chequering which is loved by Tom Hoffman as it reminds him of his love of motor racing.

The Candlestick is a riot of colours and designs with the centre column being mainly decorated in what is reminiscent of an animal print which is black and white.  You will find the famous Tom’s Drag Logo on this unique candlestick which guarantees its authenticity.  It has been hand painted by the famous team of Tom’s Drag artists who use only the very highest quality paints all which conform to the European Safety Standards. 

Buy this unique Candlestick Small today but don’t buy it singly, choose either the Candlestick Medium or Large buy three Candlesticks as they will look superb standing together. 

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