Tom's Drag Baroque Mirror

Tom's Drag Baroque Mirror


79 cm x 96 cm As Tom’s Drag pieces are all hand finished please allow 2-4 weeks for larger items.



MIRROR BAROQUE – TOM’S DRAG – Measuring 79cms x 96cms the Mirror Baroque is certainly a stunning mirror. The frame has been crafted from marmorin which is a very clever combination of synthetic resin and marble that produces a substance very similar in look and feel to that of a high grade ceramic.

It was then hand painted by the illustrious team of artists at the Tom’s Drag Company. The Baroque style of this mirror will not be loved by all who see it, though it possesses an amount of elegance, luminance and splendour which, in the right setting, will bring a touch of luxury to the surrounding décor.

Should the glass be damaged, replacement is a very simple operation as the mirror simply clips out from the back of the frame. Despite the mirror’s Baroque style, Tom Hoffman has still managed to incorporate a strip of his famous black and white harlequin chequering as a border around the mirror. So, if you are seeking an elegant but glamorous mirror, one that is dazzlingly stylish, then the Mirror Baroque is for you.

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