Tom's Drag Energy Mirror

Tom's Drag Energy Mirror


100 cm As Tom’s Drag pieces are all hand finished please allow 2-4 weeks for larger items.



MIRROR ENERGY – TOM’S DRAG – The Mirror Energy has just that.  It has energy, movement, dynamism and style, not to mention funkiness, colour and fun.  It measures 100cms with the mirror glass at 40cms.  It is an amazing product of the vivid imagination of Tom Hoffman who never fails to amaze.  The Mirror Energy is a powerball.  It has been made from wood (MDF) + Fiber and meticulously hand painted by the artists at Tom’s Drag Company.  The paints used are of the highest possible quality, all conforming to the European Safety Standards.  

It is unique.  Its swirling design is resplendent in colours of warmth, golds, greens and reds with an interspersion of sparkling diamantes to add an extra touch of luxury!  Should the glass be damaged or require replacing, simply click out the glass from the rear of the mirror and add the replacement. 

The Mirror Energy will add, not only colourful fun and craziness to your home, it will also be a measure of your inimitable style in the world of high fashion.  Buy this stupendous Mirror Energy from our Online Shop where you will find our prices always competitive.

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